2014. november 11., kedd

Release of v.0.1.6

Another month and another update for DartRocket. I made all of you wait, because I was lazy and got other stuff do to as well.

What`s new?
  • The biggest change is the new physics directory, because it contains the moving parts and the collision detection.
  • Another big change is movement system, because it consist 3 classes which are layered on top of each other like 3 layer burrito. These are:   DirectionSystem, MovementSystem and MovementControll.
  • DirectionSystem manages where the game objects are heading.
  • MovementSystem manages how the game objects are moving with the help of  the DirectionSystem.
  • MovementControll gives us a simple interface on how to use the MovementSystem. 
  • Sprite and Camera class now uses the MovementControll class for moving. 
  • My favorite change is the unified look of the code base. It just looks better. :D
  • Shape class from StageXL can be used with DartRocket. You can use canvas methods with it.
Tasks for the next version:
  • Writing tutorials for the github wiki
  • Fixing bugs
  • Making better collision detection using polygons. Something like this.
  • Also start using 0.10.x version of StageXL. 
  • Writing test, which i should have already done long time ago. :D
  • I also welcome any feature request or contribution to the project.

Development got a little slower so I have to step up my game and work 

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