2014. október 13., hétfő

Not dead yet

Been a while since I posted anything on DartRocket's blog or made any improvements on the library, but from now on I promise I will give DartRocket some love.

To prove i. I made the Sprite class less horrible by putting Sprite's moving system into the new MovingSystem class. The cool thing about this is the fact that the usage of the Sprite class stayed the same.

Another cool thing is how I dvided the MovementSystem's code into chunks by adding long comments. I stole the basic idea  from StageXL. I think this would be an awesome feature to have in the DartEditor, because it make the code more understandable.

You can see what I'm talking here: MovementSystem class

It's been a while since I released a new version, so in this or the next week i will release an update.
The only thing that i need to do before updating is:
  1. Making Camera use the MovingSystem class
  2. Making the code more readable by separating the code into chunks
  3. Usual stuff like adding/updating documentation

That's all I can say for now and also here is the music that inspired the post's title:

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