2014. június 13., péntek

Release of v.0.1.2

This release was hard to make, because i wanted to make DartRocket mobile friendly or at least compatible with cocoonjs. It was especially hard, because i don't have a smartphone, so I used the built in emulator in Dartium and Chrome. Actually i mostly used Dartium, because that was the only one that had working touch emulation. For some unknown reason in Chrome, it didn't work.
It's ironic that i don't have a smartphone, but have a really powerfull pc. :D

DartRocket is mobile friendlier now and has a Button class, which is good for making buttons. Duhhh
I'm not to happy about the Button class, because i had to overwrite some event listeners to make it work. I'm still thinking about how to make it more clean, but at least it works.

Future plans:

  • GameObjectFactory class
  • Better Background class
  • Arcade Physics
  • Thinking about making a platformer example

Tip of the day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neI_Pj558CY

You can find the Docs here: DartRocket 0.1.2 (Thanks dartdocs.org :D)

State Machine example and Space invader

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