2014. május 17., szombat

TIL Documentation with docgen

At last i made a documentation for the package and i have to say that it was not a piece of cake. The last three days was all about documentation and i learnt a lot from it.


  • You better start learning markdown or be an active redditor
  • The documentation about documentation generation is out of date, which i find ironic
  • docgen is in the dart-sdk, so you don't need the bleeding edge repo
  • docgen is slow. It's like watching a sport event which is full of commercials. argh
  • Documentation is ready -> get it on github
  • docgen produce a lot of files -> if you use github gui client you gonna have a bad day
  • Github doesn't like symlink directories and so will break your documentation
  • After finding this site: http://www.dartdocs.org/ -> I go to a dark corner and start crying
After all, I'm happy because I managed to survive and it seems like we have a brighter future ahead.

The new documentation of DartRocket got on the site.

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