2014. május 24., szombat

Challenge accepted

I was surfing on the internet and mopping around, when I visited the ludum dare site an it caught my attention that there will be a Tool Jam next weekend (May 31st-June 1st) and I thought that this will be the best time to make a major release and to promote DartRocket. :D

Here is the Battle Plan:

  • A Sprite class to rule them all, so there will be only one sprite class
  • Drag support for sprite
  • Finalized version of the Group class
  • Better background class
  • Implementing a Sound class
  • Better Text class
  • Making a Keyboard class
  • Make the space invader more simple with these additions
  • Finally complete the space invader example, so it will look like an actual game
It's a little unfair to other competitors, because i have been making this since the ludum dare 29 ended, but it's for the greater good. :D

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